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Dalkey (Dublin: A City of Villages)

Built in homage to more Mediterranean climes, Dalkey is Dublin’s original seaside resort village. With gorgeous architecture built into the sheer landscape, stunning views and a cosy little village at its core, it’s no wonder stars both local and foreign make their homes along this south coast stretch.

For those looking for a bit of adventure Dalkey offers a wide range of outdoor activities for the brave-at-heart. You can take a boat from Bullock Harbour to Dalkey Island, go abseiling in Dalkey Quarry or even take a quick dip in the nip at The Vico outdoor swimming spot. It may take a bit of exploration to find it, but Whiterock Beach’s secluded sands are worth the climb: keep an eye out for a school of dolphins who’ve been known to stick their bottle-noses out of these waters on occasion.

In the Village proper, check out The Club, a 19th Century traditional tavern that started life as a morgue, and Michelle Obama’s favourite pub, Finnegan’s. At the weekend Dalkey also plays host to The Tramyard Artisan Market a multicultural food market that has become a hotspot for foodies in recent years, while the annual Dalkey Book Festival turns the town into a cultural hub.

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