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  • Martin Redmond

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Martin Redmond is a master of still life. He can sit in front of the most mundane, everyday objects, with an easel and a paint brush, and create something that transcends the ordinariness of the scene.

Martin uses muted colours and textural details to create scenes that are sparse yet telling. You can start to imagine whose house that medicine bottle is in, whose head lays upon that tired and deflated-looking pillow nightly.

Here is a great opportunity to mill around the Molesworth Gallery, itself an homage to brilliant art, inspecting Martin's finely observed pictorials. Concoct your own stories about the freeze frames as you regain your appreciation for still life.

It isn't all fruit bowls after all, and Martin is an ace example of that. Enjoy the strange world of everyday objects that he has built as you peruse in the Molesworth Gallery.

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16 Molesworth Street




  • Tue, 28 February 2017 10:00 - 17:00