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  • Sven Augustijnen

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During the Cold War, the FAL rifle was the most distributed in non-communist countries. It became known as the “right arm of the free world”. How have weapons and journalism become entangled into the fabric of our history? At this exhibition, Belgian artist Sven Augustijnen seeks to answer this question and many more.

Debate plays a key role in Augustijnen‘s work and as Life magazine pages and RTÉ archival material form part of this exhibit, it’s up to the viewer to investigate why and how fictions, rumours, personal comments and vague remarks have become part of living memory.

Having had his work displayed at some of the most highly esteemed galleries in the world, don’t miss your chance to dive into the fascinating and eye-opening work of Sven Augustijnen at the Hugh Lane in Dublin this year.

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  • Tue, 17 January 2017 09:45 - 17:45
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